If you’ve ridden the North 40 tram at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh and seen a lineup of gorgeous, custom-painted experimental airplanes, you’ve experienced the art of aviation airbrushing.

Custom airbrushing is a versatile skill with many commercial applications including auto body painting, photo touch-up and restoration, cake decorating, fingernail art and more. It requires a little know-how but is not difficult to learn.


Airbrush artists use a special tool that forcefully sprays paint or other liquid medium onto a canvas. They manipulate the tool in several different ways to create a variety of painted effects. For example, by holding the tool at different angles or varying the distance from the canvas, they can change the thickness of the spray.

Our world-class artists will design age-appropriate trendy and cool hats, beanies, sweatshirts & t-shirts decorated with the colors of your choice for kids parties. These airbrushed items make great party favors and are a fun way for kids to show their team spirit or commemorate a special occasion like a birthday or a holiday.

Our skilled Pro Art artists can make your car, truck or motorcycle stand out with jaw dropping freehand pinstriping, precision airbrushed graphics or a magic combination of techniques. They are featured artists at many major auto shows, rallies and festivals across the country. Their fine artwork is also in demand by galleries and collectors.


For airbrush artist Ryan Townsend, the commercial custom painting business is a rewarding venture. Working on a variety of projects, from commissioned murals to team banners and party favors, his skill set allows him to work with clients and their ideas for the perfect final product.

He uses an Iwata Custom Micron CM airbrush with a 0.18mm nozzle to paint detailed and intricate patterns. He begins with a base coat of black mixed with 30 percent cobalt blue urethane paint (he now prefers Createx Illustration Color Kit).

To learn more about taking your artistic talents and professional skills to the next level, check out Shannon MacDonald’s Advanced Airbrushing class. You will learn techniques like stippling, using PPG Envirobase high-performance basecoat’s features to get desired special effects, surface preparation and more.


Car airbrushing is a specialized form of the art that takes special equipment, knowledge and skill. It is not a project for the novice to attempt without professional guidance as it can be very costly. A bad paint job can destroy value, appeal and show a lack of pride in ownership or attention to detail.

For the best results, a professional automotive airbrush artist will prep the surface with wet-and-dry sanding to achieve a smooth finish. They will then use a degreaser that is of the opposite nature to the type of paint used (i.e. water-based degreaser for water-based paints like Createx Wicked or solvent degreasers for solvent paints like Custom Creative 700).

When choosing an airbrush for this type of work, look for one that has a PTFE seal or O-ring to withstand the harsh chemicals and corrosive materials used in automotive paints. Having a compressor with a tank is also important for this type of work, as it will reduce any pulsation that could cause splatter.


Airbrushing can be done for many personal uses. You can get a shirt or hat custom airbrushed for your sporting event, online gaming, birthdays and more. You can even have your favorite vacation, memorial or other memory airbrushed as a keepsake. If you have a hobby that you would like to take on and develop some new skills, you can pick up an airbrush kit that will include everything you need to start your journey. Then you can take your time to learn different techniques and develop your own style. Your imagination is your only limitation with the use of an airbrush.